ALL-In-One CRM, Communication, Reputation & Automation Platform.

Save Over $1,000/Month With Services SmartLev Replaces!

ALL-In-One CRM, Communication, Reputation & Automation Platform.

Save Over $1,000/Month With Services SmartLev Replaces!


All-In-One Business Software Service That Helps You Build Your Reputation, Market More Effectively, and Turn More Leads Into Paying Customers, Clients, or Patients Better Than Any Other Platform!

SmartLev's Growing List of Skills and Capabilities


All-In-One Business Software Service That Helps You Build Your Reputation, Market More Effectively, and Turn More Leads Into Paying Customers, Clients, or Patients Better Than Any Other Platform!

SmartLev's Growing List of Skills and Capabilities



Keep track of everything about your leads, customers, clients, or patients. Segment by tags, fields, dates etc. Keeps notes, appointments, activity history, tasks, documents etc

  • Unlimited Contacts*

  • Unlimited Custom Fields

  • Unlimited Tags

  • Communication History

  • Individual /Bulk Campaigns

  • Entire Call, Text, Email, GMB & FB Msg History

  • Import & Export Capable

  • Assignable

  • *Subject to Fair Use Policy

SmartLev replaces other CRM software you may be using like Zoho, Hubspot, Keap, Capterra, Etc.

REVIEWS & Reputation

Your Online Reputation Is Gold. Build, Manage, and Market it with SmartLev.

  • Manual or Full Automation

  • Reputation Monitoring

  • Social Media Posting. Website Streaming

  • Private Feedback

  • Review Response Dashboard

  • Instant, Daily Alerts, Monthly Reports


Manual/Automated Requests

Manual or fully automated review requests are sent by email and text, making it easy for your customers to post a review or leave private feedback.


Social Media Posting and Website Streaming

SmartLev automatically markets your reviews social media and your website to increase your reputation footprint.


Review Response Dashboard

Easily respond to all your reviews from one dashboard, letting customers know you care about them and value their feedback and opinion.

SmartLev does everything Podium, Birdeye, or Broadly do & more. No need to keep paying for anything else.



Next to your reputation, your customer/client/patient list is your most valuable asset. A percentage of your list will ALWAYS respond to a special offer from your business. It's the easiest and fastest way to add money to your bottom line on a regular basis for no little or no extra advertising cost.

With SmartLev, you can easily create and send any number of scheduled or trigger based email marketing campaigns, follow-up sequences, promotions or series of nurturing messages.

  • Drag & Drop Visual Email Builder

  • Easy Campaign Setup

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • One-Off or Fully Automated Campaigns

  • Unlimited Campaigns

SmartLev replaces other email marketing software you may be paying for such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, & more.


Communicate with Leads, Customers, Clients, or Patients through text, right from your computer. Or your cell phone on the mobile app.

All users in your organization can see and participate in the conversation as well, by text, from their computer too.

Conversations and visibility can also be restricted to the person to whom the lead or customer is assigned.



All Texts, Phone Calls, Emails, Google My Business and Facebook Messages Are Combined Into One Unified Dashboard for Each Individual Customer.

All users can see and follow up on what's been said to any contact for a more seamless and organized experience for both customers and employees.


Sales & Opportunity

Create Unlimited Sales / Opportunity Pipelines to follow through with leads from start to finish until they become paying customers, clients, or patients.

Change Lead status manually or with fully automated custom sequences based on time, response, results and more. Initiate follow-through actions (call, text, email) directly from any opportunity card for any lead.


Back-Up and Follow-Through

SmartLev can even call your employees and ask them to press 1 to speak with a new lead or customer on the line if they get missed or overlooked so no one falls through the cracks.

SmartLev replaces sales pipeline software like Inside Sales, Pipedrive, Keap, or Copper.

WEB CHAT to Text

When someone visits your website your customized proactive chat bubble pops up to ask if they need help.

SmartLev's Webchat to Text captures the lead and allows you to chat by text, right from your computer, letting your customer communicate the way they want to as well, by text.

SmartLev now has LIVE CHAT as well.

Entire conversation thread is saved in the contacts communication history along with all of their emails, texts, phone calls, GMB messages, and Facebook messages.


Landing Pages

Easily Build and Host Unlimited Sales Funnels and Landing Pages

A Funnel walks a customer through a process you want a customer to take to a successful conclusion.

Sending traffic to a Landing Page with an offer or some action you want a visitor to take is the key to getting more value from a paid advertising campaign such as a pay-per-click, re-targeting, or any other advertising effort.

SmartLev replaces other funnel software you may be using like Lead Pages, ClickFunnels, etc.

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Select All the Phone Numbers and Number Pools You Need Right Inside SmartLev to Track Leads Coming From Multiple Ad Campaigns and Sources.

You know where every call comes from so you can stop wasting money on the advertising campaigns that don't work and spend more on the ones that do giving you the best ROI you've ever had!

  • Number Pools

  • Dynamic Switching

  • Ignore Swap Class IDs

  • Source Alert Whisper

  • Call Recording

  • Detailed Reporting

SmartLev replaces other call tracking software you may be using like Call Rail, or Call Tracking Metrics

LEAD Management

You pay good money to get leads into your sales pipeline. You need a superior system to convert those leads into paying customers.

SmartLev's multiple skills give you an unparalleled combination to nurture those leads.

A powerful combination of emails, texts, calls, voice messages, and even A I automation all work together to help you get the very most out of your advertising dollars and the best ROI possible.

AD Reporting

See Reports on your Google & Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Inside SmartLev

Call Tracking and Source Reports show where all of your leads are coming from so you can make qualified decisions on the best place to spend your advertising budget.


The Easiest, Fastest, and Most Intuitive, Website Builder You've Ever Used.

SmartLev's website builder is just fun to use. It has a fast, smooth, and elegant feel, and works like it should. Everything is done visually right on the screen. You can adjust everything on the fly- margins, sizes, colors, fonts-everything, and see your changes as you make them.

Everything on this site you're on now was built with the SmartLev Website Builder.


Make SmartLev Your 'Command and Control' Center For Everything You Use to Run Your Business.

  • Logos

  • Colors

  • Custom Menu Links

  • User Assigned Data

  • Permissions

  • i-framing

  • More...

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Self Scheduling

Save time and effort with SmartLev's Calendar and Self-Scheduling capability. Integrate and sync with any gmail or other calendar.

Create any number of calendar pages for specific types of meetings or events. Use those calendar page links to allow others to find a convenient time for them and an available time for you.

Multiple parameters allow you to create and set every aspect of the duration, timing, schedule, time slots, and more of specific appointments.

Configurable reminders help make every appointment more successful.

SmartLev replaces other scheduling software you may be using like Calendly, Acuity or Thryv.


Team Scheduling

Combine multiple sales or service employees into a single calendar for team scheduling with priority or round robin distribution.

Use one calendar page for a specific type of service, appointment, or event that allows a new lead, customer, client or patient to self-schedule based on the availability of anyone on the team. Syncs and Integrates with everyone's calendars.

Flexible parameters for all aspects of the appointment creation.

Automated reminders keep everyone in the loop about their upcoming scheduled date and time.

SmartLev replaces other scheduling software you may be using like Calendly, Acuity or Thryv.


Create and Manage Membership Sites to Sell / Deliver Courses, Training, Information All At-Once or as Drip Content.

With SmartLev you can create unlimited* membership sites to deliver your content all at once or on a drip sequence.

Clean, organized design is a pleasure to use and work with.

Now you can cancel other membership site software you may be using.



Train New Employees and Keep Your Staff Up-To-Date With a Training Portal

Using the Membership Site Builder you can create a Staff Training Portal with Documents, Audio, Video, Checklists, Surveys, & More to Make Training or Onboarding Employees Faster and More Efficient.

Grant access just like a membership site and keep track of progress and training completed.


Google, Facebook & More

SmartLev Integrates With Your Google, Facebook, Quickbooks, PayPal, Stripe, Shopify Accounts and More!

Get Analytical Reports right inside SmartLev for your Google Ads & Facebook Ad Campaigns. Initiate automated campaigns from Quickbooks actions, and more.

  • Google Integration

  • Facebook Integration

  • Quickbooks Integration

  • Dr Chrono Integration

  • More coming...

Get More Leads Every Month Without Spending More Money on Advertising

Ai SmartBots capture 50% more leads from your existing website traffic than any other visitor engagement tool.

  • Better Than Regular Chat Widgets

  • Better Than Live Chat Services

  • Instant Text Notifications to Staff and Lead

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Automatic Follow Up Campaign

Try a Live Ai Smart Assistant Demo

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to enter a valid email and phone number so you get the example texts and msgs your staff and leads will receive upon submission.

Dental Professionals


Jason Van Camp

Mission Six Zero

"Absolutely amazing. Proved that they cared about me and my business through relentless determination and unmatched responsiveness. I could not be happier. Highly recommend!"


Kyle Hughes

Hughes Dry Carpet

"Our experience...has been nothing short of incredible. The toolset they offer for marketing, communications, and customer follow up is outstanding. Their product, Smartlev is easy to use, and immediately effective at enhancing a business’s customer correspondence capabilities."


Brandi Messerly

Diabetes Relief

"We love using SmartLev! It is very user friendly and I love how organized it keeps our leads. The automated responses make working leads effortless. SmartLev has been an essential part of growing our practice. I can’t imagine running our clinic without it."

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